Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Best Dressed Goat contestant.

Contestants in the best dressed goat contest, Webster co. Fair, NE

AWW, that goat loves Ethan.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Mark Grant helps Eric Chandler get ready for baptism

Photo: Eric Chandler baptism.

Elder Grant writes:   This week was great. We had an awesome time. It rained really hard at the beginning of the week. I was on exchanges in a bike area during the rain so I got soaked all the way through. It took a day or so for my shoes to dry out. (it takes things longer to dry here. it is so humid).
Eric Chandler also got baptized on Saturday and then got confirmed on Sunday. It was so awesome. He has such a strong testimony. and he studies everything we teach him. He also come prepared for all of the lessons. It is wonderful. We will be helping him with his family history on Thursday so he can prepare for the temple. 
He has real friends in the church, real connections. This is the most solid baptism I have been a part of. he will make a wonderful asset to the ward. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

K+B still stands

8 years ago Keith found a dead tree  that was still standing and surprised me with this carving at  Shell reservoir. We got to go back this year and we found it again!! It is still standing!!!   
Love that tree- love my romancer of a husband!! ;)
8 years ago Keith found a dead tree that was still standing and surprised me with this carving at Shell reservoir. We got to go back this year and we found it again!! It is still standing!!!
Love that tree- love my romancer of a husband!!

Elder Brce Allen Karn

Our very own Bruce Karn has entered the mission field. Our very own Bruce Karn has entered the mission field.

Family Prayer List

Sometimes it is hard to Remember all those in the family who need ALL of our prayers in a time of special need so I started a list here and would ask that you all add those that you know of who we should take special care to remember in our prayers.
Please remember to pray for these family members as well as others.
Family Prayer List
Pray for improved health  Pray for strength for family members helping them through their illness/injury.
Baby Briar Green recovering from severe burns to his hands.
Gary Grant seeking treatment for a rare auto immune disease that he has been battling for three months.  Suffering a lot of pain and is very weak. 
Jamie Warnock looking for relief from kidney failure, expecting a transplant soon and other medical issues.
Evan Sharp (21) who is battling diabetes and kidney failure. 
Pray for safety and successful completion
Aaron Clark will be returning home from Arizona August 5.
Bruce Karn left recently for his Spanish speaking mission in Louisiana
Mark Grant serving in Washington State
Kyle Bakes is at the MTC will be leaving for Washington State soon
Nathan Grant serving in Fiji
Pray for safe travels and success in their purpose for traveling
RJ Christensen is traveling in Australia & New Zealand now. Will be coming to Wyo. in Aug.
Carrie Clark is traveling in Texas
Carol Marie, Aaron and family just arrived in Wyo. from Maryland will be traveling back to their home Monday.
Jed, Brittany and family are visiting from Washington State, will be returning to Washington soon.
Aleea and Michelle are also visiting.

Pray for those in the Military
Quintin White stationed in Kansas
Jerry (JT) Haack stationed in Korea
Judson Gatch (and family) stationed in Japan

Monday, July 21, 2014

Boat rides on Big Horn lake.

The lake was full, the weather near perfect, at Horseshoe Bend Saturday July 19 for the 2014 Big Horn Lake Celebration, featuring free boat rides into Big Horn Canyon.
The  free boat rides were offered from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
They had 10 to 12 boats lined up to give rides, three belonged to Ken Grant, two pontoons and a speedboat.  Ken drove the speed boat and Keith drove one of the pontoons, Sylvia rode along with Keith to keep him company. 
Darece was there from early to late keeping everything running smoothly, getting the groups together for the boats, making sure life jackets were worn by the little children.  Keeping the teenage helpers on task, etc. 
Sorry Ken, but I must mention, Ken's boat ran out of gas and had to be towed back to the docks.  Gotta remember to check the gas tank Ken. 
Some people were on the lake in Kayaks and a lot of boats and families besides the ones giving the free rides.
The tour boat "Belle" (People pay to ride this large boat, it runs up and down the canyon during the summer ) was there and left at about 10:30, it had some sort of engine trouble and had to be towed back to the dock by the search and rescue boat which was zipping up and down the canyon all day.
Riders in the boats got to see Mountain sheep right about the Montana state line.  They were on both sides of the lake.
Keith's pontoon took out a group of special needs visitors from Powell.  One load was almost all children, they enjoyed seeing the sheep.  One load included three well behaved dogs.
Keith made six trips up the canyon, I think it tired him out. 
The riders were polite and were grateful for the chance to ride up the canyon on the lovely boat. 

Gavin takes a Selfie! Becareful Gavin.

One year after falling from a tree and breaking his back Gavin White is "back in the saddle" at his job.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Friends, Family, & Fans of the Warnock Family,

Friends, Family, & Fans of the Warnock Family,
We are reaching out to you to ask for your help. This Sunday, July 20th, we will be holding a Fast for our dad, Jamie Warnock . If you don't fast, please pray or send your good vibes his way.

 As many of you know, in 2009 our dad had an accident, falling and landing on his back. Many complications arose from that fall. Not only has dad been through numerous surgeries, but a kidney disease that was lying dormant, called FSGS, became active. They have been trying to control it through numerous medications and health changes. Fast forward to now. Our dad's kidneys have begun to fail and a transplant is eminent. His kidneys are currently functioning at 21%. This decline has happened very quickly. We are waiting to hear from his doctor on what exactly needs to be done before his surgery can take place.
Until then, us five sisters are putting together a few fundraisers, an online auction, and a t-shirt and bracelet sale, to help with hospital and recovery costs. We are also starting a blog to keep everyone in the loop as we continue this journey. As we organize these things we will keep everyone updated.
If you have questions, please contact one of us girls. Mom and dad will be very busy and this is something that we can help with. Thank you all so much for your love and support. We know that dad has so many people that love him, and we are grateful for you all. God bless!
Kathrine, Ashlee, Anna, Rhonda & Emilee

I'm a private guy, and don't really like to share my own drama. Haven't shared much of the past 5 years with anyone but family and close friends. Still don't really want to, but my daughters have kinda made it all public.
I was a little upset at first, but am trying to understand their need to do something, other than just watching me fade.
Through all of this, all of our family, and so many of our friends have come to our aid, as I have not been able to work since November o...f 2009.
Anyone with Health issues, understands how quickly the bills can add up, due to Doctors, Hospital stays, and of course, all of those wonderful medications.
However, it does feel wrong to ask people to give even more. It is another level of humility to work through.
Sandi has worked hard to increase her skills, in an effort to replace what I made before I got hurt. She is absolutely amazing, and never complains, but I am afraid that the Doctors are spending it faster than she can make it.
Anyway, I appreciate all those who have already helped, and those who are now planning on doing so.
Really, if you will just keep me in your prayers, I know doing that will do more good than any monetary amount.
Thank you!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Monday, July 14, 2014

Briar Green Needs family prayers now.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than this about sums it up.
Ashley was our nurse today, we saw her on our first visit. She is great. She was constantly reassuring my nervous boy with phrases like, "I'm just going to cut this off, but I'm using the nice scissors." and "That came off so easy!", "It's looking so much better!", "Oh, that's a little stuck, here, let's use some water - it doesn't hurt, it's just kind of cold."
We got the bandages off, no problem. Briar examined his hands and said, "Owie, Owie - yucky, owies," and he's right, they look pretty yucky. We left both hands unwrapped for a while so that they could take another set of pictures and so the doctor could come and look at them.
We watched some "Veggie Tales" movies on my tablet while we waited for Dr. Bruggerman.
Dr. Bruggerman said that the wounds are healing nicely. He pointed out that the burns between Briar's fingers on his right hand are white in the center, which mean that those are also "full" depth burns, so we will need to watch that spot for scarring as well as his left palm.
Briar's palm didn't look quite as scary today the burn there is about the size of a half dollar, the tissue there is very white, like paper, but today there was a little pink in the center, which is encouraging. The area around that burn was all yellow and crusty, but they didn't try to scrub that off this time (Briar really hated that the last time they did it.) The Doctor thinks Briar is doing great and he sounded very optimistic.
Dr. Bruggerman said that we need to keep his hands wrapped up to prevent infection. He said that he won't need to see Briar for a week, so not until next Monday, but he said that he wants the bandages changed mid-week, just because little kids get them dirty and need them changed.
So, we have appointments set for Thursday and Monday.
Briar sat there so sweetly. Carrie, a nurse that worked with us last week popped in to say 'Hi,' she had heard he was there and said, "He's just so cute! I had to come and see him."
After Carrie left Briar decided that it was time to go, he tried to get down, but I told him "No" and held on to him. It was then that he started screaming and fighting to get away from me. He was really mad, and it came on so suddenly. I didn't know what brought it on or how to calm him down. We couldn't let him get down until we had his owies covered up again, because we didn't want him getting them dirty.
So, I held him as best as I could while Ashley wrapped his hands and arms back up. She worked very quickly and we had him all wrapped up in just a couple of minutes. Then I let him get down. He walked straight to our diaper bag and took his sippy cup out of the side pocket and began drinking his water.
I don't know how thirsty he had been before his fit, but he was sure thirsty by the time he got down. The sippy was clear full and he just about drained it. That poor boy, if I had realized that he was just thirsty I could have solved the problem without so much crying!
After getting a drink Briar calmed down. Then Ashley started to clean up. Brair got a panicked look on his face and started crying again. I got down where I could look him in the eye, and once he looked at me I said, "Do you want to go?" He smiled through his tears and said, "Yeah."
Briar hid his face against my neck as I made the appointments and as we walked back to the car. He got upset again when I put him in his car seat, cried all of the way home and was still mad for a good 45 minutes after we were at home.
I finally calmed him down with some chocolate chip cookies and a movie.
This time the fingers on his right hand are wrapped open instead of closed into a fist like they have been before. We'll see if that works better for him or not.
Taken July 21, 2014

Briar after his appoint at the hospital to have his bandages redone.
We had another rough night. Briar woke up around 3:00 but I got him a drink and sang to him. He went back to sleep by 3:30. Then Skyler, who is 3, got up around 4:00 and turned on all of the lights in the house because he had had a bad dream. Tate, who shares a room with Skyler, started yelling at him to "Turn the lights OFF!" Which woke up everyone else.
Canton could not get back to sleep so at 4:30 he decided to clean his room, which is great, but it kept his roommate, Oran, awake. The two of them decided to be nice and let everyone else "sleep in" 'til 6:00.
Needless to say, we have a house hold full of grumpy, sleep deprived people.
Briar's appointment was at 11:15, my awesome cousin Tina offered to watch the older boys for me while Briar and I went to the hospital. So I was shooting to leave our house by 10:30 in order to get to her house, get the boys settled, and get to the hospital in plenty of time for his appointment.
Canton thought it would be extra funny to hide Oran's shoes, dump a bottle of water on Skyler, and spit in Tate's face. It was a challenge but I got everyone into the car on time, but everyone was crying by the time we left our house.
After dropping the big boys off Briar and I got to the hospital almost 15 minutes early. That was when I realized that I had left in such a hurry that I had forgotten to bring my tablet for the baby to play on. Having that there had been such a life saver that I wasn't sure how we would pull this off without one. It is a 15 minute drive from our house to the hospital So I knew that there was no way I could make it home and back again before the appointment time.
So I called my friend Katie who lives only 5 minutes from the hospital. She let me come and get her tablet to entertain Briar.
After we were back at the hospital, equipped with baby entertainment material, we went through the front doors, and down the halls to the wound care place. The lights in the waiting room were all off, but I went in anyway there was an itty-bitty lady, (I'd say 4'11" and maybe 90 lbs) in green scrubs, sitting cross-legged on top of the receptionist desk.
I tentatively said, "We have an appointment." She said, "I know, I'm just waiting for you." She then hopped off of the desk and said, "I have everything set up, come on back."
Because it is Saturday there was no one else there. The lady we met with is actually the physical therapist on staff, I think she said her name is Danika. She was very quiet and soft spoken. She didn't seem to have much to say, and neither did I, I get that way when I am tired.  Briar wasn't sure what to think about her. The last nurses we had seen had made a fuss over him and spoke to him in a sing-song voice.
It was eerily quiet and Briar was starting to fuss. When Danika started to cut off the old bandages Briar firmly told her "No" he shook his head and told her, "My, owie."
We started with the left hand, because Danika thought it would be best to get the worst one out of the way first. I tried to keep Briar entertained with Katie's tablet, that worked occasionally, but he was getting pretty fed-up with the nurse. Briar would just turn to her and yell or growl in her face to let her know he wasn't happy. He'd yank his arm away and she'd gently pull it back so she could keep working.
By the time we moved on the the left hand Briar was mad, he was flailing his arms about and arching his back. I changed to a new game on the tablet and that calmed him down enough to let Danika re-wrap his right hand, with him only yanking it away a few times.
When she was done I saw that she had wrapped his right hand up into one big club. Briar didn't like that and immediately started chewing at the bandage, I told her that he had, had his thumb out before so that he could at least use that hand a little. She asked if I cared one way or another. I told her it would be kind of nice to have his thumb out. Briar must have thought the same thing because he was ripping it apart with his teeth.
Danika took off the bandage to try again, and by now Briar was just done. He was kicking and hitting and screaming. Danika had told me how everyone else had told her how well behaved Briar was, and how he acted like such a little adult. She hadn't had anyone else stay around to help, but another set of hands might have been nice.
She did the best she could, but the wrappings are kind of a mess. She sent me home with extra supplies so that I could re-enforce it if I need to, because we aren't going in again until Monday.
Briar yelled and growled and bucked as I wrestled him all the way back to the car. I strapped him in his seat as he continued to express his irritation. He then screamed and screamed until we were nearly home. He was asleep by the time I pulled into our driveway.
Tina is such an angel and offered the keep the other boys for me all day.
Phew, What a day!

Quintin White says "please keep my little nephew in your thoughts and prayers. He is not quite 2 yrs old yet and on saturday morning he was playing and running around chasing a ball when he tripped and felling into a pile of glowing charcoal briquettes. They took him to the hospital were he was treated for severe burns to his left palm forearm and elbow and some fingers on his right hand and forearm. He is a trooper and doing well but he may need a skin graph and physical therapy plus a lot of healing. "
 Photo: please keep my little nephew in your thoughts and prayers. He is not quite 2 yrs old yet and on saturday morning he was playing and running around chasing a ball when he tripped and felling into a pile of glowing charcoal briquettes. They took him to the hospital were he was treated for severe burns to his left palm forearm and elbow and some fingers on his right hand and forearm. He is a trooper and doing well but he may need a skin graph and physical therapy plus a lot of healing.

This morning (July 12) we were at the Dave and Barbara Green family reunion at Eric and Bonnie's house in Springville. We had a dutch oven breakfast. A pile of charcoal briquettes was left on the stone hearth around to the fire pit. Briar was kicking and chasing a ball and ran near the fire pit. He tripped and fell into the hot coals. He caught himself with his hands. He burned his left palm really bad and burned the side of his right hand and in between his two middle fingers.
I jumped up and was quick to poor a bottle of water over his hands while Barbara  ran to get a bowl of ice water. Briar was screaming and it was so sad. Someone found some consecrated oil and Dave gave Briar a blessing. During (and after) the blessing Brair's screaming quieted to a little whimper.
Eric took pictures of the burns and e-mailed them to his friend at Power County Hospital, in American Falls. They got everything ready and were waiting for us when we got there. It took us 30 minutes to drive to American Falls, but that was half the time it would have taken to get to Pocatello or Idaho Falls.
We soaked some rags in ice water and wrapped them around his hands as we drove. We put Briar's car seat in the Eric's car. Eric drove, Ryan sat in the front seat, and I sat in the back next to Briar. He fussed a lot and kept saying "Owie, Owie, Owie" but I kept feeding him Popsicles to keep him semi-content as we drove.  They were very nice to us at Power County. Eric was already wearing his scrubs; he just threw on some gloves and helped the nurses there. Briar sustained 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns. None of the blisters were left intact so they cut away the dead skin. The burn on Briar's left palm goes all the way to the muscle. The nurse was encouraged because he still had pain sensation in his palm - which means that it didn't damage his nerve endings. They smeared goop on his hands and wrapped them all up (up to his elbows) so he has two giant, blue boxing glove hands - with just his thumbs showing. We are supposed to take him into the ER at EIMC tomorrow. To be evaluated by a surgeon and determine if a skin graft is necessary. (They may want us to go to Primary Children's.)
Regardless  of what the doctors at EIMC say tomorrow I will need to take him in everyday to have the wounds cleaned and the bandages changed for at least a week.
Because all of the tendons run through the palm of the hand (that allow for opening and closing and flexing) Briar might need physical therapy in order to keep the range of motion in his hand. [That will keep it from seizing up and folding in on itself.]  Briar is in pretty good spirits. He wants to be held all the time, which is understandable, and is very sleepy. He has been smiling and laughing when he is awake.They told us that bad burns really impair the immune system so we should keep him kind of isolated for a while, until he's doing better. The nurse said, 'that means no church, no trips to the store... anywhere there might be a lot of people.' Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers,

Monday, July 7, 2014

Paige Asay turned one.

Our sweet Paige turned one on Saturday. This year has gone so fast and we couldn't imagine our life without her. We love you Paige!
"Our sweet Paige turned one on Saturday. This year has gone so fast and we couldn't imagine our life without her. We love you Paige!  "  Kasi Baxendale Asay

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Rhonda

Rhonda with her granddaughter and her father. 

Rhonda Grant Christensen with Grandma Mac and Cindy Sue

The Whites Celebrate birthdays.

Alan got a gooey brownie cake. Callie really knows us and what pleases each of us. The dinner that Gavin cooked was fantastic and the salad that Dawsey made was delicious. said  Nelada
Alan got a gooey brownie cake. Callie really knows us and what pleases each of us. The dinner that Gavin cooked was fantastic and the salad that Dawsey made was delicious.
Alan's "cake" was gooey brownies with a tooth pick.  Happy Birthday Alan
Callie made this beautiful birthday cake for me. It was so yummy.
Nelada's Birthday cake at the Gavin White home at the combined celebration for Nelada and Alan.

For entertainment they played pictionary.  Callie is very artistic

Nixon McGowan went to church

My beautiful baby got blessed in church today! Thanks GiGi for making his blessing suit! We LOVE it!!!   Anna McGowan.
4 generations :)
Four Generations
Photo: Sooo in love!!!So glad my family was able to be here for Nixon's special day :) Missing Kathrine and her family and the brother in laws.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Up date on Gary's condition

Jul 1
"Gary went to the doctor in Billings on Monday. They say he has vasculities and Polyarteritis nodosa .
He has now lost 30 pounds.
As I understand it, it is a inflammation that causes inclusions of the arteries, the blood is not flowing correctly in the medium arteries. They did not find any nodules in the gut so that was good. His feet are numb and swollen, his hands look frost bit. He is jumping on a mini tramp that helps his hand pain, instead of feeling like his fingers will blow off, he gets an over all hand pain.  He has a mild to moderate case of Polyarterities nodosa. They are treating him for a mild case.
They seem to think he does not have colitis. 
He has been given a medicine that he is to try for a week, and see how it affects him, if every thing goes OK they will give him an additional medicine to take.
They feel Thankful they have caught this at an earlier stage.
Keep him in your prayers. "
Cindy Clark
July 14,
Gary is in Arkansas seeking help for his condition.