Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bill Davis suffers fracture to hand.

Hillcrest JV football team has won 5 out of 6 games!!  They are doing awesome!!  Looks like Bill will be taking it easy for awhile though. Yup!  One broken hand. It's only a small fracture so hopefully it heals soon.
Hillcrest JV football team has won 5 out of 6 games!! They are doing awesome!! Looks like Bill will be taking it easy for awhile though. Yup! One broken hand. It's only a small fracture so hopefully it heals soon.

These Nerds were in Blue Hill for Home Coming week

Nerd day with the broski ✌

Amber Kohmetscher, Chyanna Sharp, Lanea Kohmetscher, Mackenzie Willicot  Home coming candidates.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Jacob Grant plays football

Jacob is playing football this year, well, he was playing football and hopes to again soon. He has had a couple of games and while playing the Worland team he tweaked his knee. Rats. Before the injury he was looking mighty awesome and tough. He had a couple of quarter back sacks and had caught the ball for some serious yardage. Just before halftime, he was again giving the QB some serious trouble when he twisted his knee. I don't think it is too serious. It has been week since the injury and he is still using crutches. If it is not better in another week, as in no pain, we will get an MRI.

Jacob was pretty happy to get #80 for his jersey. That was Mark's number.
I copied this from Marianne's blog, to keep up with Jacob's career in football be sure to check out her blog.

The Picture Says it all

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Britt Asay is 3

My little boy just turned 3! Where has the time gone
Kasi Asay said "My little boy just turned 3! Where has the time gone"

Monday, September 15, 2014

Baby Boy Wachob arrives September 14, 2014

Emilee Anne Warnock Wachob's photo.
Emilee said "Landon Roy Wachob is finally here! He is perfect!! 19" 6 pounds 6 ounces! Jason Wachob "

Jason Wachob said "My beautiful little boy was born last night at 11:24 19" 6lbs 6 oz we are so excited to welcome him into this world! It was an incredible experience home birth/water birth Emilee Anne Warnock wachob did so good! Both she and he are very healthy! Grateful for my Heavenly Father and trusting us with such a sweet spirit! Grateful for Nanna for her help and support — with Emilee Anne Warnock Wachob."
Almost two days old! This little guy is so awesome!
Here he is again at two days old. 
Jamie Warnock  said "Yep! He is lucky, number 7 of the grand babies! Supposedly Rhonda will have a boy in November, and then it will be 6 little boys, and two girls. Awesome!"


Nelada White's photo.
Adalen was baptized by her father.

Allen and Jill Grant visit with Slinker's and Whites.

It was great fun to see my brother Allen and his wife Jill Grant. It was wonderful that they could come for the baptism! said Nelada White.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Olivia's Miracle

Facebook posts written by Elizabeth Davis
Sept. 9,
Switching to Facebook for all the updates on Olivia. Sorry, I just can't keep up with calling everyone. For those of you who don't know the full story..

Sunday evening Olivia was laying in bed looking at a small metal object she had found on her floor. Just as the object slipped from her fingers she yawned and inhaled it into her right lung. We have been trying to find a specialty Pediatric Pulmonologist who can get it out of her lung. She was supposed to have surgery in Lewiston this morning but the metal object is deeper in her lungs than they thought. Now we are looking at a surgeon in Spokane WA who will see her today at 1:00 and decide if he can do the surgery, if so he will probably do it tomorrow morning. If not we are looking at probably going to Seattle for a surgeon.

James is still in Wyoming for another week, I thought this would be pretty cut and dry and told him to stay because the surgery would be done before he could even get out here. The members of the church out here are awesome and have jumped in to take care of the other kids, cows, etc. I'll try to keep updates posted here. Please keep Olivia in your prayers
Update on Olivia:
Surgery tomorrow morning at 8:30 in Spokane'   The Pediatric surgeon isn't very hopeful that he will be able to get it by going down her throat. It is starting to look like they will have to go into her lung through her chest wall. Praying, praying that he is wrong and that won't be necessary. Worst case scenario, he mentioned maybe having to take part of her lung, but we aren't even going to go there!!!!! Too many positive prayers on her behalf for that to happen. Thanks for all the love sent her way!
September 11, 2014

update on Olivia:
She's home now and doing well. The surgeon was able to get the object out without cutting into her lung. He told us that he had tried for almost an hour to get it out without success. He finally turned to the other surgeon and told him, there's nothing else I can do, we are going to have to cut open her chest wall and go in. Just as he finished saying it, the metal object shifted... and slipped right into his retrieval tool. He said that the other surgeon who is a deeply religious man said, "Did I really just see what I think I saw?"

I told the surgeon, you have no idea how many people were praying for this little girl.
So thank you all for your prayers on her behalf. They really did help her!
 Olivia 4th Grade
Olivia on her first day of school,  posted Sept. 4, 2014

Monday, September 8, 2014

Albers and HaacksEnjoying a rest stop in Washington

Photo: Grant telling Will how to rope cattle.

We were enjoying a lovely little park and farmers market near Leavenworth, Washington
william, Grant and Hilarie.

Photo: Aussie and his Granny looking at the Mickey Mouse Christmas village in Leavenworth.
Hilarie holding Austin up to enjoy a Christmas village display in a Christmas shop in Leavenworth Washington

This Giant Knight was in a courtyard of a motel in Leavenworth, Washington

Austin, William and Lucas with the knight.

Planning out our day in Leavenworth.


Visiting in Byron from Alaska

Photo: Got to meet my sweet niece Rilee and see Aaron !
Cindy, Tre,Ranee, Rille, Aaron Clark, enjoying a visit

Carrie and Ryllie Clark Photography by Debi Grant Williams

Photo: Gorgeous woman and she makes one Great Momma!

Another picture of Carrie and daughter

Hayden Grant goes to preschool

Britt goes to school

Britt's first day of Preschool.